Government Soft Landings North 2014

Thursday 4th December 2014, Royal Armouries, Leeds LS10 1LT

Government Soft Landings North

Ensuring operational life cycle

Conference aim

To champion better outcomes for our built assets during the design, construction or, as importantly, the refurbishment/repurposing stages of an asset through Government Soft Landings (GSL) powered by a Building Information Model (BIM) to ensure value is achieved in the operational lifecycle of property and infrastructure assets.

                                                        BIM+GSL = Better Outcomes

Government Soft Landings (GSL) looks at the alignment of design, construction and repurposing of Government’s property and infrastructure assets with those that use and operate them. The GSL policy was formulated as an objective from the Government Construction Strategy 2011 and was approved in September 2012 by the Government Construction Board.

It is now being implemented across central government departments in readiness for the mandate on all central government projects from 2016 in alignment with BIM Level 2 and is being viewed as good practice across the wider public sector. The UK is recognised as being world-leading in the work it is doing with GSL, which represents a major opportunity for the UK Facilities Management (FM) industry and for those involved in new build and, increasingly, the repurposing of the public sector estate to meet the reform and transformation objectives of the UK public sector.

This conference represents a unique opportunity to hear from the government’s own experts who have developed the GSL policy and guidance, and from the industry specialists whose role will be critical in its successful implementation.

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